The World Interrupted

I was doing my bible study yesterday, (if you are looking for a good devotional you should definitely check out Wholehearted by Jordan Lee Dooley), I was given this devotional at Christmas the year Scarlett was born. As you can imagine I spent a lot of my time ACTIVELY seeking the Lord's comfort and peace … Continue reading The World Interrupted

Toddler Friendly Snack Ideas!

Hello loves! It's so nice to see you here again. I know times are a little crazy right now, and I know a lot of us are struggling to stay occupied during this social-distancing period. In case you are looking for a fun activity to do with your kiddos here is a "cooking" activity that … Continue reading Toddler Friendly Snack Ideas!

Preemie-hood: Parenthood with an extra side of Anxiety

Preemie-hood is a lot like regular parenthood (I think...?) I can only speak from my experience and being as I didn't have a normal introduction to's my personal insight into life raising a micro-preemie. Like most parents with a newborn, in the beginning, we are all VERY CAUTIOUS and try our best to keep our … Continue reading Preemie-hood: Parenthood with an extra side of Anxiety