YouTube Channel Introduction

Hey guys welcome to my channel! My name is Riaa and I create motherhood and lifestyle content with a focus on #preemiehood and what life is like raising a micro-preemie. I love being apart of the YouTube community and connecting with fellow YouTube mom creators. Supporting one another and encouraging each other in this crazy … Continue reading YouTube Channel Introduction

Mid-Year Check In: How 2020’s REALLY Going…

Hey, y’all! This year has been a HOT MESS thus far! This year has turned out NOTHING like any of us expected. Life has thrown us curve balls left and right and we are all trying our best to get through it. Yet despite it all, it hasn’t been ALL bad. At least not from … Continue reading Mid-Year Check In: How 2020’s REALLY Going…

The Terrible Two’s are in FULL swing!

Disclaimer: This blog post is to share my honest thoughts and opinions on MY personal motherhood journey.  This is a safe place for ALL mama's to share their honest feelings on their own motherhood journey and SUPPORT one another. NO judgment allowed or needed - MOM Guilt has it covered. Motherhood - No one can … Continue reading The Terrible Two’s are in FULL swing!

Toddler Friendly Snack Ideas!

Hello loves! It's so nice to see you here again. I know times are a little crazy right now, and I know a lot of us are struggling to stay occupied during this social-distancing period. In case you are looking for a fun activity to do with your kiddos here is a "cooking" activity that … Continue reading Toddler Friendly Snack Ideas!

2020 Reading Challenge!

It's that time again! I love the beginning of a new year (and in this case - a new DECADE!). This time of year always gives inspiration and hope for new beginnings, new adventures and the good vibes that come with a New Year! I love it all! Since we have started a new year, … Continue reading 2020 Reading Challenge!

Epilogue: Balancing Act – Life after NICU

After Scarlett's grand escape from NICU, she and I didn’t immediately go home. Home for us is actually 2 hours away in Andrews, Tx.  So going “home” for Scarlett meant an extended stay at Grandma Sylvia's and Popo’s house (my mom & her boyfriend).  Both of whom we are so incredibly thankful for, for opening … Continue reading Epilogue: Balancing Act – Life after NICU